SUPPLY Victoria Creative Reuse Centre is a registered Society that redistributes used art, office, and school supplies through their low-cost used supply store and programs and offers creative reuse classes to youth and adults.


To divert materials from the landfill and put them into the hands of artists, students, and teachers in order to craft a more sustainable, creative, and inclusive Victoria.


To accelerate the adoption of sustainability in Victoria by supplying the materials and knowledge to integrate sustainable thinking into the creative process.


Crafting a sustainable future.


Everything we need to create a more sustainable future already exists here on this island. SUPPLY speeds the adoption of sustainability by making it fun, accessible and affordable to create using sustainable materials and principles.


Caitlin Gallupe, Board President
Pierce McGarry, Board Secretary
Midhat Malik, Board Member


SUPPLY'S Executive Director, Ashley Howe, has been asked to speak about her reuse work at the Community Social Planning Council’s Financial Inclusion in the Green Economy conference, Vancouver’s Economic Commission’s Success and Opportunity in Vancouver’s Circular Economy Webinar, Brand Battle for Good, Synergy Foundation’s EcoStar Awards, PechaKucha Night Victoria, has appeared on CHEK News, CBC radio, Victoria News, Times Colonist, and featured in Victoria Foundation’s Vital Signs magazine.



2020/2021 Annual Report


I’m Ashley Howe, the founder and lead instructor of SUPPLY Victoria — a nonprofit that redistributes used art, office, and school supplies (as well as cast-off materials from businesses) and offers creative reuse education to youth and adults founded in 2018.

As an art student struggling to afford to make work, I always wished I had access to more affordable and sustainable materials. SUPPLY was born out of a desire to create a vibrant and inclusive cultural hub that offers more accessible, affordable, and inspiring alternatives to traditional art supplies and creative reuse education to youth and adults.

As a kid growing up in Portland, Oregon, I was into repurposing, thrifting, making movies, drawing, knitting, and making mix CDs for my friends. I’ve lived in Vancouver (where I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design), Montreal, and eventually moved back to Portland where I worked and volunteered for several of my favourite nonprofits including: The ReBuilding Centre, SCRAP PDX, and ReClaim It. While working with these reuse-meets-social-justice organizations, I developed a clear vision of what a creative reuse centre could look like in Canada. Victoria seemed like the perfect place with the second largest concentration of artists in the country and its strong commitment to sustainability and support of a circular economy.

I’m excited to bring my passion for humans, the planet, creative reuse, education, and equity/inclusion to build community and provide members of that community with the resources and knowledge to become more self-sufficient.


Ashley Howe
Executive Director