SUPPLY has moved!


Where did SUPPLY move to?
We have relocated to 707 Douglas Street in Victoria, BC, Canada sandwiched between the Spaghetti Factory and NeighbourSpace in the Crystal Gardens space.

When will SUPPLY be open?
SUPPLY's reopening party is on February 24th from 12pm-4pm. RSVP for the Reopening Party here. After this celebration, we will be officially open for business starting Thursday, February 29th from 12pm-6pm Thursday-Saturday.

I have something to donate — are you accepting materials?
We will be accepting material donations starting on February 29th from 11am-12pm Thursday-Saturday. Please check our Material Donation Acceptance Guidelines for what we accept, what we cannot accept, what we have temporary holds on due to space and budget limitations, and the most up-to-date information about hours, policies, and holiday closures.

Why did SUPPLY move?
📦 SUPPLY Victoria relocated to enhance & expand our Creative Reuse Centre
🏢 Our old home at the Rockslide Gallery space is becoming restrictive for our growing organization
✂️ Setbacks in grant funding prevent us from hiring more staff to address capacity issues
✨ We needed more space, a loading zone, better parking, and an accessible entrance

Can you tell me more about this transition?
📰 We are so grateful for the support of our customers, shoppers, donors, and recognition for our work
🎉 Thank you to everyone who donated to help us raise over $12K through our GoFundMe campaign
🙌 We have not quite made our goal and our crowdfunding remains open if you are able to support our organization as a resource for our community's artists, students, and teachers
💪 Operating in Rockslide Gallery brought remarkable growth & community engagement but posed operational challenges
🎨 The new space at 707 Douglas St will improve functionality and usefulness for both our shoppers and donors

Thank you! 🤍 We appreciate everyone who has helped us grow into the organization we are today.