Required before drop-off: review our Material Donation Acceptance Guidelines >


STEP 1: Review Guidelines

  • Ensure your donation meets our guidelines by reviewing them here.
  • Check that live document for updates to donation days, times, holiday closures, and more.
  • Larger donations (over two bank boxes) should be confirmed via email at before drop-off.

STEP 2: Prepare For Your Donation

  • Bundle like items together and sort in a reusable bag or plastic bin for faster processing.
  • Be prepared to wait while we help other donors.
  • Allow for 30 minutes for us to review your donation.

STEP 3: Drop Off Your Donation

  • Bring your donation to 707 Douglas St at the entrance of SUPPLY Victoria Creative Reuse Centre during our donation hours of 11am-12pm Thursday-Saturday.
  • You can temporarily park in our loading zone right outside our doors.


Donation Policy: We Can't Take Everything

  • Donations accepted at staff discretion, even if they are on the list.
  • Ensure cleanliness and working condition.
  • No toxic or bio-hazardous waste accepted.
  • For a full list of items we cannot accept, including temporary holds, consult our Material Acceptance Guidelines.


If you have something that isn’t on that list or have any questions, fill out this form:

Contact form