SUPPLY seeks new members to join the Board of Directors to support SUPPLY as a sustainable, growing community arts organization. Join our team of passionate earth and art-lovers and support our mission to divert materials from the landfill and put them into the hands of artists, students, and teachers.

We are actively recruiting the following positions (click to read the full job descriptions):

Board members are able to commit 3.5-5 hours (including our monthly meetings) per month plus 1-8 hours per committee. All board members are required to sit on one committee, totalling 4.5-13 hours per month (depending on the committee, season, and position) and may be less if we decide not to meet on any given month.

If interested, please fill out this Expression of  Interest form online >



Outside of our board of directors, SUPPLY Victoria is supported by  volunteer special committee members who ensure that our nonprofit is fulfilling its mission, vision, and values while overseeing the society's finances and human resources. You do not need to be a Board Member to sit on a committee. We are looking to fill the following one-year positions:

  • Committee Members positions available:
    • Special Event Committee — plan events, measure impact, coordinate volunteers
    • Mystery Team Committee — create kits, coordinate volunteers to make kits, offer marketing suggestions
    • Budgeting & Fundraising Committee — develop fund development plan and fundraising activities
    • Material Grant Review Committee — review material grant applications, coordinate communications between art groups, collect and distribute free materials
    • School & Family Outreach Committee — connect with parents and teachers, plan field trips, develop partnerships with family- and school-related organizations
    • Master Recyclers Committee — divert as much of our waste as possible, create recycling infrastructure, create resource list for materials we can’t accept
    • Governance Committee — provides oversight and evaluation of board performance, conducts board committee assessments, board member recruitment and nomination, annual audits, and makes sure that we meet compliance and regulatory requirements
    • Adhoc Marketing Committee — a volunteer run committee dedicated to supporting our digital marketing efforts.

Committee members commit to 1-8 hours a month of work per committee.

If interested, please fill out this Expression of Interest form online >



  • Maximize your impact to support our local community including artists, students, teachers, and nonprofits
  • Divert materials from the landfill and support creative reuse education that fosters sustainable action
  • Meet interesting people who are passionate about inclusive community-building, sustainability, and creativity
  • Learn how to run effective meetings
  • Stretch your intellectual and emotional muscles
  • Learn new skills like marketing, fundraising, and business strategies
  • Grow your network and meet influential change-makers
  • Help build a social enterprise
  • Develop new leadership skills
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Help us craft a more sustainable future!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out this expression of interest: