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gone birding! vcr game by rupicola

gone birding! vcr game by rupicola

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This product was donated to Supply Victoria and is lightly used. All the necessary pieces needed to play the game are included. Some of the note pads have been used.


Gone Birding! Video Adventure in Bird Identification is a niche boardgame directed at the birdwatching/birding community that combines board game action with real-world bird identification skills.


  • A two-hour video containing 10 separate games
  • 18" x 24" fold-out gameboard map of North America with 100 different renowned locations for birdwatching marked on it (National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, etc.)
  • 51 "Hotspot" cards that match up with the map and describe the location along with a list of several different bird species that can be found there
  • 48 "Surprise" cards that describe a variety of seasonal events such as a cold front pushing migrating birds in great numbers to a location or other unpredictable events that effect how many birds you might spy, like winning an expensive new spotting telescope.
  • 18 "Rare Bird Alert" cards that send you off to a different corner of the map chasing after an especially unusual sighting of a bird species
  • 40-page Identification Guide -- instructions and answers to each of the 10 different games on the VHS tape +  1 page Novice Helper Guide on the back of the booklet
  • Trip List Pad
  • Video Trip Field Notes Pad
  • 6 glass playing pieces


There are three different skill levels accommodated by the game: "novice" where, for example, just identifying a bird as a "hawk" is an acceptable answer, "birder" where you must get the exact species named like "Red-tailed Hawk" and "Expert" who must provide not only the species name but also the Latin scientific genera "Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo." This lets people of all ages and bird identification abilities play together.

As a final note, bird taxonomy and nomenclature are constantly changing as scientists learn more about avian species. This game specifies that their answers are based on the 1983 American Ornithologists' Union "Check-List of North American Birds" which is of course now, significantly out of date.


  1. The box is approximately 11 x 14 x 2.5 inches
  2. Made in USA

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